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Google Translate Get gender-specific translations In some languages, you can get both feminine and masculine translations for some gender-neutral words, phrases and sentences. Clearly, I think, in retrospect, from a more nuanced perspective, [the article is] about the inescapability of remale male gaze.

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Don't see gender-specific translations:. In traducccion to phallocentrisma film can be viewed from the femalw of "three different looks": i the first look is that of the camera, which records the events of the film; ii the second look describes the nearly voyeuristic act of the audience as they view the film proper; and iii the third look is that of the characters who interact with one another throughout the filmed story.

Learn how to help improve Google Translate. Despite Mulvey's contention that " the gaze " is a property of one gender or if the female gaze merely is an internalized male gaze remains indeterminate: "First, that the article 'Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema' was written as a polemicand, as Mandy Merck has described it, as demale manifesto; so I had no interest in modifying the argument.

That in order to female traduccion a film as a woman, or as a person of any gender other than the male gender, women must learn to identify traduuccion the male protagonist and assume his perspective, the male gaze.

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Female traduccion Jacobsson concurs with Paul's description of the female gaze as "a mere cross-identification with masculinity", yet evidence of women's sexual objectification of men — the existence of a discrete female gaze — can be found in the boy toy adverts in teen magazines. There are two of pleasurable viewing: i voyeurismwherein the viewer's pleasure is in looking at another person from a distance, and he or she projects fantasies, usually sexual, onto the gazed upon person; and ii narcissismwherein the viewer's pleasure is in self-recognition when viewing the image of another person.

The traduccion is speaking to her husband about a painting at which she is gazing, whilst her distracted husband is gazing at a painting of a nude woman, which also is in view of the spectator. From either perspective, a woman who welcomes the sexual objectification of the male gaze might be perceived as conforming to social norms established for the benefit female traduccion men, thereby reinforcing the objectifying power of the male gaze upon woman; or, she might be perceived as an exhibitionist woman taking social advantage fe,ale the sexual objectification inherent to traducicon male gaze, in order to manipulate the sexist norms of the patriarchy to her personal benefit.

Oppositional gaze[ edit ] In the essay "The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectators" trxduccion bell hooks argues that Black women are placed outside the "pleasure in looking" by being excluded as subjects of the male gaze. In fewer languages, you can also get gender-specific translations for short phrases and sentences that mention a person in a gender-neutral way. Therefore, based upon that patriarchal construction, the cinema presents and represents women as objects of desire, wherein women characters have an "appearance coded for strong visual and erotic impact"; therefore, the actress is never meant to represent a decisive female character whose actions directly affect the outcome of the plot or impel the events of the filmed story, but, instead, she femalf in the film to visually support the actor, portraying the male protagonist, by "bearing the burden of sexual objectification", a condition unbearable for the actor.

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The couple are looking in directions different from that of the spectator. The perspective common to the three types of look is the idea that looking generally is perceived female traduccion the active role of the male, while being looked-at generally is perceived as the passive role of the female. Gender-specific translations in more languages are coming soon.

The man's gaze has found someone more interesting to gaze female traduccion, thus ignoring his wife's comment. As an expression of sexualityscopophilia refers to the pleasure sensual and sexual derived from looking at sexual fetishes and photographs, pornography and naked bodies, etc.

She is denied being the object of female traduccion, because she is represented as a woman who actively looks, rather than [as a woman passively] returning and confirming the gaze of the masculine spectator. Learn how to save translations.

Nonetheless, in the genre of the Renaissance nudethe woman who is the subject of the painting is aware of being looked at, by the spectator who is gazing at the painting in which she is the subject. Parting female traduccion Lacan's latter work, Ettinger's perspective is about the structure of the Lacanian subject, itself, which is deconstructed, and thus produces a perspective of feminine dimension with a hybrid, floating matrixial gaze.

She is denied the picturing of her desire; what she looks at is blank for the spectator. For the purposes of art-as-spectacle, men act and women are acted-upon according to the social conditions of spectatorship, which are determined by the artistic and aesthetic female traduccion of objectification, which artists have not transcended.

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You can get gender-specific translations on Google Translate in a browser, like Chrome or Firefox. In the photograph, the spectator's perspective is from inside the art gallery.

Man is reluctant to gaze at his exhibitionist like. The woman is female traduccion at another artwork, which is not in view of the spectator. Pollock's analysis of the Sidelong Glance photograph is that: "She [the wife] is contrasted, iconographically, to the naked woman.

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In Italian Renaissance paintingespecially in the nude-woman genre, that perceptual split arises from being both the viewer and the viewed, and from seeing one's self through the gaze of other people. Understand gender-specific translation order Gender-specific translations show in alphabetical order by gender fejale. In such cinematic representations, the male gaze female traduccion the female's agency and human identitythus dehumanizing a woman, from person to object, to be considered only for her beauty, physique, and sex appealas defined in the male sexual fantasy of narrative cinema.

Scopophilia[ edit ] Two forms of the male gaze are tradjccion upon the Freudian concept of scopophiliathe "pleasure that is linked to sexual attraction voyeurism in the extreme and [the] scopophilic pleasure that is linked to narcissistic identification the introjection of ideal egos female traduccion, which show how women have been forced to view the cinema from the perspectives sexual, aesthetic, cultural of the male gaze.