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German escort

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Begleite die jungen Damen bitte zum Wagen.

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Please report examples to be edited or not to be displayed. Lisp back to his chopper, children. Escort the Queen to her apartment. Register to see more examples It's simple and it's free No found for this meaning.

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Begleitet Mr. None of his friends or family have a red Ford Escort. Eskortiert den Gefangenen zu einer der Kerkerzellen. They entered service between and They were also used as a testbed class for a eescort high-pressure steam power plant intended for use in future destroyers. Escort them to german escort position on the double.

Escort 1, turning onto Tim Mei Avenue. Klicken Sie auf das Bild, um mehr zu erfahren ber unsere medizinischen Begleitung. Escort Lord Karstark to the dungeon.

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Escort by two photographers - thanks villmals to Christoph As a class, they were overloaded and over-engined, which contributed to severe hull stress and very poor sea-keeping characteristics; these flaws were partially remedied by extensive rebuilds between and Begleiten Sie sie in ihr Quartier. Use and administration[ edit ] With the exception of fleet service and convoy duties between andthey spent most of the war in use as tenders or German escort training ships.

The others survived the war and were scrapped or sunk as target ships. Escort the prisoner back to his cell.

F-class escort ship

Eskorteentledigt euch eurer Waffen. Escort my wife back to her rooms. Geleiten sie den Gefangenen in die Zelle. Escort the young ladies to the car, please. The ships were originally conceived as fast fleet or convoy escort german escort that could also perform anti-submarine and minesweeping work.

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Escort these men back to their quarters. Escort our guest back to the cargo bay. Escort Mr. Between escotrthe escort ships were grouped into five escort flotillas augmented by converted civilian craft as well as torpedo boats of the German escort Ausland program.

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Begleitet Lord Karstark in den Kerker. The power plants likewise proved to be prone to frequent breakdowns, and most of the ships were removed from operational service during the later years of the german escort after machinery failures meant the ships spent more time in repair than in use.

Escort the prisoner to one of the dungeon cells. Einer von ihnen sagtdass er aufgeben wolle.

F 5 was damaged by a mine in the Baltic Sea and sank under tow 29 January Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used escorh to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. Suggest an example. Click german escort image to learn more about our Medical Escort Services.

Rude or colloquial translations are usually marked in red or orange. Throw down your guns. Escort Wing, you're cleared to launch on my mark.